How to get rid of parasites in the human body with folk remedies

Good old folk remedies for parasites in the human body increase the demand among the population. A huge number of helminths and protozoan parasites are constantly threatening human health and synthetic drugs are not always the best treatment.

Parasitic groups

The creatures that parasitize the human body are divided into three huge groups. The first includes helminths that cause enterobiasis, ascariasis and echinococcosis.

The second group consists of the simplest parasites. Their presence leads to trichomoniasis, giardiasis, toxoplasmosis, malaria and other dangerous diseases. The parasites spread throughout the body of their host, from the intestines to:

  • lungs
  • a heart;
  • liver;
  • brain;
  • the circulatory system.

The third, no less dangerous group, includes parasites located on the surface of the skin of the human body. Includes lice, fleas, ticks and other arthropods. Ectoparasites, compared to helminths and protozoa, are less harmful parasites.

On a note!

Worms that infect internal organs, very often, in addition to direct exposure, cause complications and diseases in health.

Folk remedies for parasites

Popular methods of traditional medicine help not only in the rapid cure of parasites. They also show excellent results in disease prevention.

The most common are recipes for folk remedies for parasites, based on the use of the natural healing properties of wormwood, sun, garlic and onions. These ingredients are most often found in the synthesis of antiparasitic agents in the body. They have a wide range of action and are used as universal anthelmintic drugs. Garlic and worm are more effective in fighting intestinal parasites.

Wormwood Products

This plant is widely used in folk medicine for the production of tincture, decoction, powder, infusions for enemas, as well as the famous trinity. Wormwood contains a huge amount of active and medicinal substances that help the body fight parasites of all types, and at the same time restore the immune and digestive system.

Wormwood from pests

Wormwood preparations show excellent results in the control of flat and round worms, protozoa and tapeworms:

  • lamp?
  • trichinella;
  • worm;
  • nails?
  • echinococcus?
  • liver disease?
  • Siberian disorder?
  • whip;
  • wide ribbon
  • dwarf movie.

On a note!

The disadvantage of treating worms with worms is the lack of effectiveness in controlling eggs and worm larvae. Thujon, contained in the worm, only affects adults in the body.

In traditional wormwood treatment, many different methods are used. But do not forget that the plant is poisonous. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommended formulations and treatments. Helps in recovery from parasites in the body:

  • Dry worms. The powder is made from a mixture of dried leaves and inflorescences. Consumed in. Tablespoon. large. up to 5 receptions a day for a week. Everything is washed with half a glass of water.
  • Troitka. The mixture consists of 3 tablespoons of wormwood, 6 - quiet inflorescences and 2 - clove seeds. All ingredients are taken dry and crushed. One flat teaspoon is enough for one serving. The treatment lasts 10 days according to a specific schedule. Start with one dose, on the second and third day increase by one dose. And then they eat it every day in doses in the morning, at noon and in the evening on an empty stomach. Carnations from the collection will help get rid of parasites in the body at the stage of eggs and larvae.
  • Tincture. 200 grams of dry grass insist in a liter of alcohol or vodka for 3 weeks. Drink 1 tbsp. large. before each meal. The course lasts until the complete elimination of parasites.
  • Worm juice with honey. It is necessary to squeeze all the liquid from fresh raw materials. The mixture is prepared on the basis of 1 part juice and 2 parts honey. The treatment is carried out for 2 weeks, using the drug at least 4 times a day for 30 minutes. before meals and always at night.

Absinthe preparations are very bitter. Therefore, their intake can be facilitated by drinking carrot juice or eating a spoonful of honey.


The use of wormwood preparations is not recommended to get rid of parasites in pregnant women and babies.

Garlic products

The antiparasitic properties of garlic have long been known. It is most often used to control the following types of helminths:

  • nails?
  • worm;
  • liver disease?
  • filaria?
  • lamp.
Garlic against pests

On a note!

Garlic is an excellent preventive measure against pests and protozoa. To do this, just include it in its original form in the daily menu. Garlic stimulates the appetite of patients, restores immunity, prevents the reproduction of stick nuclei in the digestive system and neutralizes bacterial infections in the body.

Getting rid of parasites on the human body with garlic can be quick and safe. Garlic antiparasitic treatment for children and pregnant women will not hurt. But it is not recommended to take garlic for breastfeeding mothers, so as not to cause the baby to refuse to breastfeed.

  • Garlic water infusion. The head of garlic is passed through a press and pour 200 ml of boiling water (after cooling) The infusion should be kept for at least 7 days in a dark place. Take a teaspoon before meals for 2-3 weeks.
  • Milk infusion. The product is taken hot for 5-7 days once a night and prepared immediately before use. To do this, pour a glass of boiling milk on the head of chopped garlic for 10 minutes.
  • Alcohol tincture. To prepare it, 3-5 heads of garlic (depending on the size) are squeezed into a liter container through a press and a bottle of vodka is added. Making money starts in a week with a dessert spoon drained tincture before each meal. The course is 1, 2-2 weeks. When fighting bulbs in the body for at least a month.
  • Garlic oil. Cut 0. 5 kg of peeled cloves and add 500 ml of vegetable oil. Withstand without access to light for 14 days, stirring daily. For the treatment of parasites in adults, before eating, half a spoon of the oil extract is absorbed in the mouth and spit without swallowing. The oil is filtered before use, stored at the bottom of the refrigerator and taken until fully ripe.
Fight pests in the body with garlic

Garlic is considered the best folk remedy to get rid of lung children. It is used both for internal use and for lubrication of the anus from the outside, as well as for anthelmintic enemas.


The use of garlic is contraindicated for people with acute gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, liver, kidney and biliary pathologies.

Traditional medicine against protozoa

Protozoan microorganisms, including protozoa, found in various organs, cause many dangerous diseases. Toxoplasmas and various amoebae affect the intestinal system, Trichomonas - the urogenital system, trypanosomes lead to cardiovascular disease. To fight this type of parasite, the following folk recipes and methods are recommended:

  • Cranberry enema. For a liter of warm water, add 1/2 cup cranberry juice and 1 tsp. salt. The procedures are performed in the morning and in the evening while taking other antiparasitic drugs. The same composition can be used to release diseases of the urinary system.
  • Tincture of lilac. Fill a bottle with flowers, add alcohol or vodka and leave for a week. Take 10 ml before meals until the body is completely healed.
  • Decoction for parasites. Prepare a dry mixture of equal amounts of birch buds, flower tan, yarrow and horsetail leaves. Prepare in 1 tbsp. large. collect 200 ml of boiling water and drink instead of tea several times a day for 7-10 days.

Particular attention should be paid to the treatment of bulbs in the body. Positive reviews of folk remedies to combat giardiasis speak of their effectiveness. The benefits of pumpkin seeds are especially emphasized. This disease requires a longer course of treatment and an individual regimen, so it is best to seek the advice of a parasitologist or infectious disease doctor.

Control of exoparasites

For the treatment of parasites that multiply on the surface of the skin or on the scalp, with a 100% guarantee, you can use folk remedies. They are subjected to local treatment with aggressive liquids.


Effectively removes lice from the body. The liquid is applied to the hair, covered with cellophane and wrapped in a scarf. Hold until a strong burning sensation appears. If necessary, the treatment is repeated.


The procedure is prohibited for young children and pregnant women.

Salt solution with vinegar

Mix the salt and table vinegar until soft and apply on the head. Keep for 1 hour. Never use vinegar to prevent burns.

To cure the body of parasites, you can also use a decoction of wormwood, burdock or a mixture of mint infusion and cranberry or pomegranate juice. Such parasites do not like laundry soap. According to many people, you can quickly and cheaply get rid of parasites with folk remedies. Of the ready-to-use products, hellebore tincture is recommended. You can buy it ready at the pharmacy.

How to make your own parasite treatment

Most medicines from the arsenal of traditional medicine can be bought ready-made at a regular pharmacy. The wider variety has narrowly targeted pharmacies that specialize in the sale of herbal remedies. They offer a huge list of antiparasitic agents for both adults and children.

Folk remedies in a pharmacy can be purchased as a ready-made collection of different types of herbal ingredients or all herbs separately. The list of plants to fight pests in the body is presented:

  • dried collections of leaves, flowers, buds, roots.
  • alcoholic plant extracts;
  • oil extracts
  • various tinctures.

You can buy ready-made ingredients, make a folk remedy for yourself and get rid of parasites easily at no extra cost. In pharmacies, ready-made collections of absinthe, tannery, reed root, birch and leaf buds, spruce are always available.

Herbal ingredients for the preparation of the antiparasitic collection

If possible, you can get your own pharmaceutical raw materials. This should be done away from highways and factories or factories. It is very important to comply with the terms of drug collection, manufacturing, drying and storage technology. And most importantly, you should not change the prescription for the preparation of drugs to destroy parasites in the body.

On a note!

The purchase of money and ingredients in pharmacies guarantees the high quality of the required raw materials.


The popularity of home antiparasitic preparations is due to their natural prescription, availability and safety. The low cost of raw materials and ease of manufacture are combined with high efficiency in the control of pests of all types. Traditional medicine will help to safely destroy the source of infection in any category of patients, including children, breastfeeding and pregnant women.


  • "I made worms with a trinity. I prepared the mixture myself at home. Any herb can be purchased at the pharmacy. It turned out to be much cheaper than the purchase fee and the return is the same. "
  • "From simple worms, both the worm and the yarrow can be good. But it is better to clean the liver of parasites with drugs. It was left with echinococcosis, then I had to register. In the recovery phase, herbs were very useful. "
  • "The doctors prescribed pills for worms, but after I took them I started to feel very bad. I returned to an infusion of wormwood and onion. Of course, the treatment of the body is very extensive, but harmless. "
  • "In childhood, lice were always removed with spots on the heads. And from earth fleas they put a worm on the floor. Folk recipes have always helped very well. "