Symptoms and treatment of folk remedies for parasites in the human body

The network is full of advertisements for various media that will help get rid of the parasites, which, according to the authors of this advertisement, literally eat a person alive, taking away his strength, energy, health, he will wantto live - everything else.what parasites harm the human bodyUnfortunately, along with real life problems, advertisers also offer treatments for those parasites that are not found in our country or do not exist at all in nature (for example, we sometimes talk about "energy" and "spiritual" parasites).

As a result, many fragile readers fall victim to deception and waste money while remaining a real disease. They continue to destroy the body and poison people's lives. To avoid cheating, you need to know what kind of parasites they really are and how they harm the human body.

What are parasites and how are they?

In the Greek translation "parasite" means "companion", that is, one who shares a meal with the owner. It was originally a priestly office in ancient Greece. In biology, this is the name for living beings that live from other living beings (also called owners) and at the same time harm them. Parasites should not be confused with the common (those organisms that live to the detriment of others but do not cause harm simply by eating waste).

What are parasites and how are they?

In the Greek translation "parasite" means "companion", that is, one who shares a meal with the owner. It was originally a priestly office in ancient Greece. In biology, this is the name for living beings that live from other living beings (also called owners) and at the same time harm them. Parasites should not be confused with the common (those organisms that live to the detriment of others but do not cause harm simply by eating waste).

Parasites exist in all kingdoms of living organisms: viruses are parasites in one and all, bacteria and fungi - in part, there are few parasites among plants and they only parasitize other plants.Viruses are parasites in one and allWhen we talk about parasites that live in the human body, we usually talk about animals, while other organisms are simply called "disease-causing organisms".

Thus, parasites in the human body are animals that eat to the detriment of humans, harming their health.

According to their habitat, parasites are divided into exoparasites (they live outside the body, for example, lice, mosquitoes, etc. ) and endoparasites (they live inside, such as parasitic worms or unicellular animals). Worms live not only in the intestines, but also in the lungs, heart, liver, bloodstream and so on.

The most common worms are:

  1. Roundworms:
    • Pinworms;
    • Ascaris;
    • Trichinella.
  2. Flatworms:
    • Handmade movie?
    • Bull movie?
    • Different types of liver disease?
    • Echinococcus.

Some of these parasites pose a deadly danger to humans. These are worms, trichinella, echinococcus. Others (liver disease) lead to serious diseases, accompanied by pain, fever, nausea, dysfunction of internal organs and poisoning with the products of the parasite's metabolism.

What folk remedies help pinworms?

Pinwormsare the safest of all parasitic worms and at the same time the most common. These are bisexual organisms that live in the intestines. At night, they crawl out of the anus and lay eggs, which fall on the skin, clothes, under the nails and so on.


These eggs can then be eaten and eaten.

Thus, the patient infects himself and others.

To prevent this from happening, if you suspect pins, you can use zinc ointment.

It is soiled on the skin around the anus and female parasites will die of poisoning as soon as they crawl to lay eggs.

For swallowing, use onions. For ten days, insist on the onion finely chopped in a solution of dirty solution in tactile alcohol (1: 1 by weight) and then drink a tablespoon twice a day before meals.

The child must inject water. Fill the onion with hot water for 12 hours. Give your child half a cup once a day.

Ascaris Solutions

Everyone knows well-known folk remedies for worms based on pumpkin seeds. More than a generation of grandmothers recommended to their grandchildren to eat pumpkin seeds so that "there were no worms". But just consuming this product will not completely eliminate the parasites.

You need to make decoctions, extracts and mixtures. Rub a pound of seeds in a mortar, cover with water. Then eat with a teaspoon for an hour. After three hours, it is recommended to make an enema so that the poisoned parasites are removed from the body.

For adults, a mixture of pumpkin seeds and wormwood is suitable. One part pumpkin seeds and one part dried wormwood are mixed with two parts vodka and infused for seven days. Then apply 50 mg twice a day.

In a few days, the parasites will be completely defeated. You should not abuse the product: the infusion of wormwood in alcohol has narcotic properties and promotes the development of alcoholism.AskariFor children, the drug is categorically contraindicated for the same reasons.

There should be more garlic and onions with worms, as parasitic worms do not tolerate them well. Based on milk and garlic, a good decoction is made, which can be given as enemas. To do this, a clove of garlic is boiled until softened to 200 g. milk. Put an enema at night.

You can use the same ascaris treatments that are effective against pinworms. Both types of helminths belong to the same type of animals and have similar biology.

From parasites in the liver

The liver is an essential organ with many functions. It is a filter for blood and iron, which produces bile, and a "storehouse" of glycogen. Therefore, parasites in this organ cause the most damage and cause the most unpleasant symptoms. Hepatic colic, nausea, jaundice, allergies and more are the result of parasitic infection.

Black walnut, which is a universal remedy for worms, helps with these pests. For treatment, prepare a tincture of 30 fruit ripening milk wax, pour vodka on them and leave for 40 days.

After that, you need to filter the tincture and start consuming 2 teaspoons a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Injections of pumpkin and wormwood seeds, cloves and many other injections, for example, the already mentioned treatments based on onions and garlic, are also effective. Effective against bark and pomegranate. 5 grams of the peel of this fruit is poured with 100 grams of hot water, infused for 30 minutes and consumed in a teaspoon 4 times a day.

From other flatworms

Cut 8 cloves of garlic, squeeze the juice and dilute in hot water (about a glass). With this treatment, you can create an enema that is effective against the bands (s).

2 tablespoons crushed garlic can be boiled in milk to make a drink for drinking. Before taking, you should eat 200 gr. pumpkin seeds and then take laxative. Dried ginger will help echinococcus. Grate it, dissolve a teaspoon in 50 gr. milk. You should take such a medicine every other day.

Citrus fruits also help fight echinococcosis. Chew lemon peel and add it to a variety of foods or drinks. The dry peel of a lemon can be chopped and thrown into 100 grams of hot water. Allow the product to stand until the water has cooled to a drinkable temperature and you can use the product safely. You can drink it without restrictions, but at least once a day.

From monocyte parasites

Giardiaare common unicellular parasites that live in the small intestine and cause giardiasis. Garlic helps with the bulbs (50 grams per 200 grams of vodka). The drug is injected for a week, used 20 grams per day.

Horseradish balm is a good remedy. The root of this plant is cleaned, cut into shavings and filled with cold water for three days. Twice a day, the agent should be shaken and when ready, it is filtered and diluted with honey in equal parts and then taken 15 minutes before eating a tablespoon.

Caraway seeds, bird cherry, garlic, hawthorn and sea buckthorn help parasitic amoebae. The cumin seeds are poured into hot water (200 g), left in a water bath for a quarter of an hour and then cooled. Three times a day after a meal, the agent is consumed half a glass.

You can inject water from bird cherry berries (10 berries per glass of hot water) or just eat them. The same goes for other berries.

From external parasites

Externally, human skin hosts lice, which are divided into species such as head lice, pubic lice and body lice. The first two species live in the hair, the third in the clothes. They bite a person and drink his blood, causing itching, scratches and other diseases.

The simplest methods of dealing with lice are mechanical methods. This is a haircut and hairstyle, which allows you to get rid of certain parasites by removing them from the surface of the skin.

One of the old, pre-revolutionary recipes involves the use of kerosene, alone or in half with oil. The filter rubs against the skin and exudes a scent that repels lice and forces them to leave their habitat.

A triple cologne can be used for the same purpose. Wet your hair with it and wrap it with cellophane for an hour and a half. Then wash your hair.

A 1: 1 mixture of cabbage juice and honey also helps. This product is rubbed into the scalp and then rinsed with water.


Thus, parasites can exist both on the human body and on its surface. They feed on human food or on the tissues of the body itself: blood, muscles, etc. Of course, their activities cause significant damage to human health. In addition, parasites can cause mechanical damage and bleeding to internal organs and their waste can poison the body, causing nausea and dizziness.

The treatment for parasites is based on the use of medicinal properties of various plants, which are relatively harmless to humans and deadly poisonous to their enemies.

Before starting treatment, you should consult a specialist and pass the necessary tests to find out exactly which parasites need to be treated.

As many medicinal plants are harmful to humans (for example, worm), treatment should be differentiated between children and adults, which will avoid side effects and poisoning.

Lice and other insects are external human parasites. The alternative treatment for them is based on the use of odors of substances and plants that can scare the six-legged parasites.